Ella and Other Chemsex Products

Spanish Fly, Chemsex and ‘Others:’ Effects of Drugs and Sex

Have you been using sex enhancement drugs such as Chemsex, Spanish Fly, and/or female Viagra and thus desire to be informed about the effects of drugs and sex? If yes, these inevitable different facts about mixing drugs and sex will improve your understanding on the subject matter you are concerned with. First and foremost, be informed that sex and drugs are two factors that do not often go handy i.e. they don’t always produce the desirable effects once they are mixed.

For decades ago, many people have been utilizing drugs in their attempt to improve their sexual performance since they believe such products are vital in awakening love, enlivening libidos as well as prolonging erections. However, based on research, using drugs regularly will end up making a person have a bad relationship with him/herself and even a worse relationship with his/her spouse or the significant other. Therefore, making use of drugs for sexual enhancement purpose can make you encounter positive effects or negative effects or both. This makes the history associated with drugs and sex to be categorized as complex.

Jennifer Evans who is a professor at the prestigious University of Hertfordshire has successfully managed to trace some of the factors of the complex history of drugs and sex in the old modern England via a number of fact- findings. According to Evans, sexual pleasure and desire are two factors that are directly related to heat. The professor states that the resulting effect i.e. heat produced in the body when those two factors i.e. sex and drugs are connected is what people used to believe in decades ago.

During the mid-1600s, physicians used to conclude that patients that were not having sexual desire did not have such heat. These people lacking sexual desire during those days were referred as frigid. The frigid therefore used to be given plenty of aphrodisiacs i.e. foods which heat and produce the warmth sensation once consumed in an attempt to improve their sexual desire.

Spanish Fly is a product meant to improve sex performance by providing desirable sexual effects to the user. The aphrodisiac formulation which was used by most people to improve their respective sexual desire has evolved overtime and it is nowadays known as Spanish Fly. In the yesteryears, version of Spanish Fly used to be advertised by sketchy dealers of them in most men’s magazine back pages. The adverts of the product were very promising since they claimed consuming small dosage of the product could result in an aroused effect being encountered by both you and your partner.

Spanish Fly as a product has been utilized in different generations and societies since it is claimed to offer desirable sexual results which suits the need of the users. It is a popular product that has even been recognized in the song rass Monkey’ by The Beastie Boys’ 1987 album. Also, a comedy by Bill Cosby in 1987 mentions the product. During the comedy, Bill jokes by claiming that he developed the tendency of adding Spanish Fly in lady’s drinks while a 13 year old boy. This and many more examples show how popular Spanish Fly is.

Basically, research has confirmed that many decades ago Spanish Fly was sold via girly mags that were more exaggerated than sugar water. However, the real chemical which the name of the product comes from is somewhat scary. The ingredient used to make the product i.e. Spanish Fly is derived from an insect that is not a Fly. The insect Spanish Fly is derived from is known as lytta vesicatoria i.e. a type of emerald green beetle.

Based on the results of the fact-findings conducted by Evans, the professor noted that despite Spanish Fly having the capacity of delivering a sensation of heat, it can easily be associated with a number of pitfalls that are beyond the illegal and immoral implications of including the product in an individual’s drink without his or her consent. The professor says the product can produce serious irritation effects on a person’s skin because it can produce very terrible blistering.

According to Stefanie Hamm, though people have believed Spanish Fly is an aphrodisiac for many decades, it is a dangerous irritant which can make the user encounter blistering.

Thophile Bonet who is a reputable Swiss physician has written in his medical information that he is aware of several noblemen that have used the product previously and ended up encountering blisters inside their bodies. Bonet states in his text that one of those people consumed Spanish Fly in an attempt to gratify a call girl and the other one used it so that he could gratify his new spouse. Unfortunately, both of these men died in the end.

The cause of death of one of the men was concluded to be apoplexy, which recently is named stroke, while the other died as a result of bleeding profusely via his genitals.

The rise of Chemsex

Despite the fact that there is no much of scientific prove about the effects of libido stimulants such as Spanish Fly, drugs significantly play a crucial role in determining sexual experience.

According to David Stuart who is a manager of the chemsex support services i.e. one of the departments at a sexual health clinic in London, alcohol and drugs in general are products that play a crucial role in the life we live. According to Stuart, he claims there are very many couples including his parents who usually use drugs so that they can experience more desirable or enjoyable sexual results.

Stuart claims that since a lot of homosexual men previously had adopted drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy during the past traumatic period of HIV/AIDS epidemic, Chemsex was used by these people to meet and communicate in safe spaces. Chemsex is a convergence kind of particular situations which are unique to homosexual culture.

Bottom Line

One of the effects associated with drugs is that their users do not always mind their health or that of their partners. Drugs are products that play a role in sex lives of people. Despite the type of drug you are using i.e. whether cocaine, Spanish Fly or any other, be informed that such products can easily produce complex problems of human connection.

What You Need to Know About Ella

Do you opt to begin using Ella tablets and therefore want to be informed more about the product? If yes, these proven facts about Ella tablets discussed in this review will with no doubt be very important with your needs. Ella refers to an emergency contraceptive pill that contains 30 milligrams of ulipristal acetate i.e. an effective progesterone receptor modulator. Basically, once Ella is utilized accordingly, its effectiveness is meant to last for approximately five days after you engage in unprotected sex and use it immediately. The product is associated with both negative and positive effects and ufortunately it doesn’t work as a libido enhancer.

Since the product carries along both cons and pros, it is advisable you first seek for the advice of a professional and reliable medical expert who will advise you accordingly. Also, because the market for Ella products is filled with both original and counterfeit items, it is vital you do your homework carefully before you choose to purchase the product from any purveyor.

Ella and Abortion

Can Ella make a person encounter an abortion? This is a question most people using Ella currently desire to know. According to studies, once you take Ella after fertilization has happened, the product has the capacity of preventing the life that is formed from settling into your uterus and thus hindering it from continuing to grow. This result is considered by many people as an early form of abortion.

Also, according to fact- findings, the Ella pills have chemical compounds that can cause harm to the attachment that connects the embryo to the uterus and thus cause its death.

A research conducted recently proved that once pregnant women consume a higher dose, they are very likely to encounter an abortion. Therefore, to eliminate the potential of Ella making you encounter an abortion, make sure you meet a reliable medical pro so that you can be provided appropriate advices concerning the product before using it. Appropriate advices are important not only for Ella, but also of other Chemsex products.

What are the Uses of Using Ella Tablet?

Ella is commonly used by women that desire to prevent being pregnant after engaging in unprotected sex or after the birth control methods such as using a condom fail to be effective by breaking. The Ella tablet is considered an emergency contraceptive. Therefore, you should not apply the product as a regular technique of birth control.

Ella also has the potential of making vaginal fluid to be thicker thus preventing sperms from easily reaching an egg and causing fertilization to happen. The tablet can as well change the lining of your uterus thereby preventing the fertilized egg from attaching to the womb.

You should ensure you do not combine Ella with other medications if you want to get desirable results that suit your body needs. Consult your physician first before using the medication so that you can be informed if it right for your body needs.

How is Ella Tablet Supposed to be used?

As discussed earlier in this write- up, you will only encounter the effectiveness of Ella if you will apply it accordingly. When using the Ella tablet, before consuming it, read carefully the Patients Information Leaflet offered by the seller i.e. the pharmacist you purchase the product from and adhere to it.

Also, in case there is something you are not sure of, talk to your physician before consuming the product.

Can Using Ella Make the User Encounter any Pitfalls?

There are a number of mild side effects a person might experience by using Ella. Some of the common negative effects of using Ella include headache, nausea, stomach or abdominal pain, dizziness, tired feeling as well as menstrual pain among other mild pitfalls.

If the resulting side effects associated win using Ella do not get away first, do not hesitate meeting your doctor for further guidance.

Where Can a Person Buy Genuine Ella Tablets?

You can buy the original Ella tablets form your local stores or through online purveyors dealing with the product. However, before purchasing the tablets from any trader, you should make sure you confirm the person is licensed and thus legally allowed to sell the Ella tablets. You must ensure also you buy the product form a trader that is charging the recommended selling price.

Bottom Line

Since Ella carries along both demerits and merits, do not fail to consult your physician before utilizing the product so that you can be provided proper advice.