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Get the Facts about Ella Tablets

Unprotected Sex is “fun” but if a woman don’t want to get pregnant she tends to stay away from it. But still there comes some unplanned times when you end up having unprotected sex. In such cases, to avoid the pregnancy, taking a morning-after pill is the best solution.

Ella is the only effective pill when the pregnancy risk is highest and it has proved it already by helping a lot of women in abortion around the world. Though you should take it as soon as possible after having unprotected sex but it will still work if you take it within 5 days or 120 hours.

Pregnancy Risk Information

Pregnancy risk is highest inside the 24 hours after ovulation. Ella tablet manufacturers claims that their tablet is the only tablet which works at the time of maximum pregnancy risk and they have proved it right by setting up real examples of abortions when the pregnancy risks were highest. It is only because of the number of abortions that this tablet has done during the greatest pregnancy risks that females now rely on this tablet and it has already been purchased for more than 16 Million times.

Ella is basically a 30 mg dose in one pill which anyone can use easily. It doesn’t even affect the long term fertility of a woman in any way. There are a lot of reasons to use Ella contraceptive pill after having sex if your regular birth control fails because of its wide range of benefits and most importantly it works even when the pregnancy risk is greatest unlike any other morning after pill.

How to Use it

People like Ella Tablets and there is a good demand of it in the market. Though Ella is very easy to use tablet, it comes with a few precautions too which everyone should know before its use. Some common side effects of Ella includes Headache 18%, Stomach Pain 12%, Nausea 12%, Menstrual Cycle 9%, Tiredness 6% and Dizziness 5%, so you should be ready for each of them before using Ella tablet.

Ella Tablets cannot be used during breastfeeding period and not even more than once in a menstrual cycle. One should not take Ella if she already know that she is pregnant or the results can be bad. It is good to talk to your Doctor before taking this pill if you are taking other medicines too with it.

Ella is a very useful contraceptive pill that comes into play when your regular birth control fails. It is liked and wanted by people all over the world.