About Us

Although chemsex products have been under scrutiny for a long time with some people looking at the dangers and others focusing on the advantages, it remains one of the topics with limited information. The gap caused by different controversies has led to confusion to many consumers which has in turn caused a big problem. The conception of ellacausesabortions.com was based on this idea. The website tries to present a solution to users in different forms. It not only strives to provide the right information for users but it also gives support in terms of products and education.

Some of the products in our site include

Ella Tablets

These pills help enhance sexual experience and pleasure by allowing you to have unprotected sex without worries because it keeps you as the woman safe from unwanted pregnancies. It can be taken by both sexes and contains hormones that prevent pregnancy when taken within three days of unprotected sex.

This contraceptive should only be used as an emergency and should therefore not replace normal birth control methods you use. It has the potential to cause abortion by disrupting the attachment process of the fetus, which gives it double functionality.

Spanish Fly

People usually have different sexual desires even in relationships. One person may want to have sex more than the other person and this often causes arguments. Spanish Fly is a drug meant to provide a solution to such a problem by enhancing the consumer’s sexual desire. The drug is said to be beneficial to those who consume it without any side effects.

Many research based findings based on the negative effects of the drug have been highlighted but they all seem to be one sided. They didn’t take into account the personal attributes of the tested subjects such as their health statuses.

About Us

We at ellacausesabortions.com focus on bringing such information closer to the user since we want you to make informed decisions when it comes to taking any drugs. Our wide range of chemsex drugs makes it easier for you to find what you need because we understand that people have different needs and drug preferences.

We have a dedicated team that works tirelessly to provide you with proven facts that will assist you and change your life for the better. We want everyone to enjoy having sex while staying safe by avoiding unwanted pregnancies so we do our best to take care of those needs. We are a hardworking and dedicated team with the necessary educational qualifications to handle all of our customers’ needs.