Dr. Matthew Fry

This is one of the most qualified doctors found in Mississippi and is affiliated with various hospitals. He conducted some tests on the Spanish fly drug and found it to be effective. With an educational background that proves his qualifications, this doctor has had several awards for his great work in medicine.

He studied at the Texas medical school, and Louisiana state university to get his medical certificates and advance in urology field. He is a certified doctor who holds certifications from the American board of urology, and has TX and MS state medical licenses.

He has had experience of over 20 years in the medical field and is one of the few doctors who is specialized in the urinary tract system and reproductive system. This experience in the human reproductive system and health is part of what gave him the qualifications to test the Spanish fly and provide trustworthy results.

Dr. Jenny Wiig

This doctor is affiliated with Henry Ford hospital and has many qualifications that made her suitable to be part of the testing process of the ella drug. Apart from being a surgical doctor, she has specialized in different areas such as neuroma, bunion, callus and many more.

Based in Jacksonville, she has a loyal set of patients that can attribute to her medical skills and the kind of treatment she accords them. She studied in Chicago at the Illinois college of podiatric medicine where she got his specialty certification.

This doctor has had great reviews from patients and has been involved in many research studies which gave her the qualifications to be part of the Eella Testing. She is primarily located in Jacksonville although he constantly moves to other regions for work related purposes. Her research and subsequent report helped users a great deal as it helped provide more information about the possible uses and side effects of the drug.


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